Dear Friends: This is no time to circle the wagons. We need to go on offense! https://youtu.be/eujcwzEhM9I In my new Editor’s Desk, I focus on the strategic approach which appeals to millions of Godfearing patriots of every Christian denomination, Jews, Muslims…. anyone who’s still sane. I’m speaking of those who are vehemently opposed to government-mandated vaccinations, whether the vaccines are safe or not. Dr. Fauci is now predicting a “flood of Covid vaccine mandates” after FDA approval of the vaccine. The silent majority that oppose forced vaccination are not necessarily anti-vax but they absolutely agree with us that in a free society no government can force ANYONE to get vaccinated, regardless of vaccine safety or morality. In this video we discuss the real reason Gates, Schwab, Biden, Fauci et al want to vaccinate the world, because they are globalists who want to implement a global vaccination passport system, which obviously will require a global governing body. This is about the end of national sovereignty… not science! Hello Global Passports, goodbye U.S. Constitution! No more Bill of Rights, no more civil liberties, no more law of the land. We will be forced to obey the law of globalism. See why the Soros-backed “protestors” are burning our flag? The good news? Hundreds of millions – including powerful politicians – oppose Vaccination Passports. For them, this is not a question of science but rather of tyranny. What can we do to stop the tyranny? A lot! We have so much more power than we realize. Joe Biden and the Lunatics of Davos are no match for a hundred million ticked-off patriots. So let’s STOP THE FEAR! Watch this video. Like it and share it too! https://youtu.be/eujcwzEhM9I We’re not backing down. The war is on. To hell with globalism! In Christo Rege, Michael J. Matt


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