Why is it Foolish to those who hear? — By Zachary Everett

 A nudge from the Lord Jesus Christ to share something in these final days of this age. The world is racing to the abyss, even as I write this the war in the Middle East has now expanded further into the Red Sea. We can only imagine how long it will be before Israel and Hezbollah unleash their weapons upon each other and bring chaos to the Middle East. At every turn it seems wars… economic collapse… natural disaster… and social meltdown are nearing the tipping point.

One can wonder why… why when one hears the words of salvation from the Bible and what Jesus Christ did on the cross for our sins… they… the lost reject it. Even as the world burns around them the cross is considered foolish to them. “For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.” (1 Corinthians 1:18)

Can any one of us imagine why even as everything falls apart around those who hold on to this world they still will not turn to the salvation that Jesus Christ offers freely. Maybe its pride, the love of sin, ignorance, philosophical standing, or it’s just something they can’t wrap their mind around… that God Almighty in his infinite wisdom saw the cross as the only way to bring salvation to every mortal soul on this earth. That no other way would suffice…

If you are on the fence on what the cross means to you and why God Almighty chose this path for your salvation… let me share this with you from an artist who recently became a born-again believer in Jesus Christ and who came to understand the debt of sin.

“None of us is capable of comprehending the deep sinfulness of our minds, the cosmic divide we willfully cause between us and God. Every day we spit in the face of the perfectly just, good and righteous Creator, who made us and all things, by preferring pointless pleasures in life over His glory. We Prefer everything in the world over him. We prefer ourselves over him. We lie, we covet, we’re angry and envious and self-exalting and proud.

But even the tiniest trespass against an infinitely Holy being would deserve an infinite judgement. Then what about the never-ending torrent of sins we commit, daily? An infinitely just and Holy being would cast all such creatures as far away from himself as possible, for all eternity.

What can any of us do to repay our sins and earn a place with God? Nothing, No amount of finite “good deeds” as offerings can pay off that infinite mountain of sin debt we build ourselves. Sins of infinite severity can only be atoned by something of infinite value. And the only thing with infinite value is God.

And thus, because the almighty God is not only a perfectly just God, but a loving, merciful God, he has freely given us the atonement. By sacrificing His eternal son Jesus the Christ, God himself in the flesh. The lamb of God, who willingly went to be crucified in our stead for our sins, and rose from the dead conquering death itself.

No works can earn you salvation, only the free gift of mercy that is given by admitting our sinfulness, through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ the Lord and Savior.”

-Minna Sundbeng

 The signs are all around us! This age as so many brothers and sisters have said is rapidly coming to an end. Time is very short, 2024 is here and events are moving faster then many thought possible. Don’t stay on the fence and think the message of the cross is foolish. The Lord Almighty has offered you a path to an amazing future beyond your wildest dreams through his son Jesus Christ.

Remember… Tomorrow may not come… but with Jesus Christ you will have eternity!

God Bless



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