quinta-feira, dezembro 05, 2013


Erin B Taylor
Erin B Taylor
É adorável que digam bem de nós e muito bom ver-nos segundo olhos alheios. Concordo e subscrevo:
«9. The Portuguese tend to underestimate their own country. They will tell you that it is always in crisis, that it is badly managed, their bureaucracy is a nightmare, everything is so expensive, and so on. But actually, despite the current crisis, it compares very well to most other countries I’ve spent time in, so much so that I’d quite happily see out the course of my natural life here. You can buy fantastic bottles of wine for a few euros, the transport system is well-designed and aesthetically pleasing, it is constantly sunny over summer, and people are very polite and helpful. The result of all this is that many Portuguese want to escape to another country, while everyone else seems to want in!» 

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