quinta-feira, maio 02, 2013


«In a nutshell, France's problem can be explained this way: Steve Jobs could never have created Apple Computer in France, all other things being equal. French culture, attitudes towards work, hostility to private profit and, especially, paperasserie -- the way government works -- would have conspired against him. Over-taxation, over-regulation and politicized allocation of capital would have made Jobs' achievements here impossible there. The public fury unleashed by disclosures that socialist politicians in Hollande's government maintained secret foreign bank accounts says more about where the French really are than your dismissal of my supposed right-wing sentiments and ignorance (delivered from London, of all places). The French are aware that their failing political system is dragging them, and France, under. But they can't agree on what to do, or how to fix it.» Steve Singer em France Has Its Own Currency Again

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