Em que é que os estónios estavam com a cabeça? Segundo o The Telegraph, andam felicíssimos com a ideia de integrar a EuroZona e mesmo o José Manuel Durão Barroso diz o contrário do que lhe vai obrigatoriamente na mente, lá mais para o fim da citação: «The Baltic country becomes the 17th member of the euro and the first from the former Soviet Union. Some 85m euro coins featuring a map of Estonia and 12m banknotes have gone into circulation, starting a two-week phase out of the national currency, the kroon. [...] Estonia was due last night to celebrate the occasion with fireworks and a gala concert featuring the music of George Gershwin. In the first minutes of the new year, Andrus Ansip, the prime minister, was scheduled to withdraw some euro notes from a bank machine installed for the occasion in front of the opera house in Tallinn, the capital. José Manuel Barroso, the president of the European Commission, welcomed the country of 1.3 million to the eurozone, saying: "Estonia's entry means that over 330 million Europeans now carry euro notes and coins in their pockets. "It is a strong signal of the attraction and stability that the euro brings to member states of the European Union."» The Telegraph


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