Most people are not able to understand what's going on. The World is undergoing a change and it will be tested like never before. It's coming like a tsunami wave taking everybody by surprise except a few watchful biblical prophecy students. In a matter of days, weeks not many months, or many years everything will change. Whilst millions will soon suddenly vanish to the THRONE of GOD, billions more will rapidly submerge into utter global chaos, something like what we already see for instance in Kabul's airport where a multitude betrayed by the US current administration is trying desperately to flee allahuakbaristical cruelty, torture, tyranny, inhumanity. Too much resistance to TRUTH. Too much stubbornness toward JESUS, these are the core reasons why all Earth Dwellers cannot see what's happening, cannot grasp what could have saved them, cannot realize how to escape what's to come. Insanity measures are dividing society, whole communities, long time friends. This separation between Tares and Wheat has come to stay until the End but much suffering is to come to all Earth. So be on your guard. Keep your eyes on JESUS alone. HE's coming for HIS own with HIS rewards. Time is up.


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